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Purifying serum

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The Purifying Serum is a gentle and clarifying care product with antibacterial active ingredients. It mattifies the complexion, accelerates cell regeneration and wound healing. Thanks to the valuable active ingredients, it is ideal for redness and fights bacteria, pimples and blackheads.


  • After cleaning, apply a few drops to the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to activate the oil with heat. Then apply to the dampened face. We recommend patting it in gently.
  • Mix a few drops into the day cream to add additional nutrients.
  • For a fresh complexion and a boost of moisture every now and then, simply press a few drops carefully onto your face with the palm of your hand. Works very well on the already made-up face. The oil makes old make-up appear fresh.
  • Mix a few drops with the make-up to create a very nourishing tinted day cream.
  • Tip for a radiant and even complexion: apply a larger amount to the face in the evening and leave it to work overnight. The serum can help the skin regenerate more quickly.

Sweet almond, thistle, hemp, watermelon, chia, tea tree, lavender, vitamin E (vegetable)

prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, carthamus tinctorius oil canabis sativa seed oil, citrullus lenatus seed oil, salvia hispanica seed oil, tocopherol, melaleucaalternifolia leaf oil*, lavandula angustifolia flower oil*
Allergens: Geranioll* Limonene*, Linalool*

all ingredients come from organic farming

*from natural essential oils