We are the ones with the rhubarb leather.

We are former scientists with a passion for sustainable innovation. With this drive we developed a very special organic leather - our rhubarb leather . Convinced by the results, we founded our label deepmello , which, in addition to leather, also combines our own fashion collections and natural cosmetics.

deepmello - that's us.

With our label we would like to establish rhubarb leather in various areas of lifestyle. Whether modern, high-quality furniture/interior, fashion or accessories; Our rhubarb leather should become an innovative component of as many sustainable products as possible.

In our own products and collections, in addition to our rhubarb leather, we only use high-quality organic materials, such as organic silk, organic satin, modal or Tencel.

We create timeless product designs that, far from being “eco-chic”, impress with individuality, a certain minimalism and well-thought-out functionality. Production takes place in Germany and Portugal in companies that guarantee fair wages and working conditions.

We are continuing our vision of sustainable solutions by using, in addition to the tannins for leather, other ingredients from the rhubarb plant, for example for natural cosmetics and ecological cleaning products.

to be continued...

deepmello tasche - rhababerleder

rhubarb leather...

claims to be one of the best vegetable tanned leather. Using rhubarb plants as a renewable raw material for chrome-free tanning not only has a high innovative value but also gives the leather its unique feel and quality. Rhubarb leather is breathable, durable and has the ability to transform products into extraordinary, unique pieces characterized by individuality. It is only through the elegance of the leather that a product becomes a cult object and design classic.

All of this and the 100% Made in Germany production make the leather one of the most sustainable leathers of its time.

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